World class boxing coach Freddie Roach has helped train Georges St.Pierre for his upcoming title defense against Josh Koscheck, and in a new interview with FightHubTV Roach admits they got on well.

“Me and George have a great rapport with each other. He told me he thought he knew boxing until he met me,” Roach says.

The former boxer, now arguably the world’s leading boxing trainer, spotted weaknesses in the welterweight champion’s stand-up that he felt he could improve on.

“The thing is with George, he needs to loosen up a little bit and to be a little more fluent. He’s very strong of course, but he was a little bit stiff. So I got him to be more elusive, more head movement. He did really well, he’s really improved quite a bit.”

So how strong of a puncher is GSP?

He’s a good puncher, he’s very strong, but the thing is, he was a little bit tight, a little bit slow at first – heavy handed, but a little bit slow. So, now I’m starting to get him loose and with the speed and the natural power and strength he has, he’s becoming a much, much better puncher.”

It’s apparent that Roach also watched tape on GSP’s opponent and helped pick out his weaknesses too.

“Koscheck, he jumps in from far away. I taught him how to not pull away from that and how to beat that on the counter with a punch. I told him I think you’ll knock him out with a left hook in that fight. I hope it happens, because we’ve we’ve set up a good gameplan for the way Koscheck jumps in. I can make that public because he can’t stop that, that’s one of his habits.”

Unfortunately Roach won’t be cage-side at UFC 124 as he’ll be cornering for UK boxing star Amir Khan on the same night, but it seems that he’s more than willing to do so in the future.

“Yes, they want me to go to Montreal and they want me to work the corners in fights and so forth, and if I can make someone a better fighter, I don’t care what sport it is, it doesn’t matter to me, I respect all sports. And if I can make someone a better fighter, if it’s MMA…UFC…Manny Pacquiao, it doesn’t matter to me, It’s what I live for.”

Check out the full interview with Roach below.