If the much talked about Georges St.Pierre Vs Anderson Silva ‘superfight’ does go ahead later this year as Dana White has hinted at then world renowned boxing coach Freddie Roach will be in a unique position to share his insight on the two men, having trained both previously.

For an example of what he can bring to the table, listen to what advice he gave GSP prior to his fight with Josh Koscheck in December.

“George gave me like four tapes of Koscheck,” Roach tells Joe Rogan on UFC Insider this week. “His big thing is his big right hand. What beats the right hand? What breaks the right hand up? Double jab. It’s simple.”

Of course it turned out that the humble jab was indeed the key to GSP’s success in that fight.

Now Roach has indicated he might be able to help the welterweight champion against Silva, should the fight materialize.

“It’s a great fight…it’s Pacquaio – Mayweather,” says Roach, recognizing the significance of the two pound-for-pound MMA stars meeting in the Octagon.

“Anderson is a better boxer at this point. Georges is getting better. I’m a lot closer with Georges than I am with Anderson at this point. There’s some things I’ve learned about Anderson that I can help Georges with because I’ve worked with him closely.”

Interesting stuff from Roach. Having said that, I very much doubt that GSP’s game plan for Silva will be based on trying to out-strike him. It’s more likely that he’ll be looking to use his wrestling to take him down and attempt to control him there, much as Chael Sonnen did last year.

It’s wise to sharpen all your weapons before heading into battle though as GSP will be well aware, and I’m sure if and when the times comes he will be more than happy to tap into Roach’s knowledge if it’ll benefit him going toe-to-toe with the legendary striker.