Freddie Roach: Anderson Silva Has A Chance Against Roy Jones Jr

Though talk of a boxing match between one of MMA’s very  best fighters Anderson Silva, and current boxing great  Roy Jones Jr. has died down a little in recent times, it’s still a fight that many people are interested in.

Based on a recent interview with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach it would appear that he is one of them.

Roach is currently training Manny Pacquiao for his title fight with Miguel Cotto this weekend, but when asked whether he thinks a rumored fight between Silva and Jones will occur, he was happy to talk about it.

“I hope so.  Anderson Silva came to my gym and sparred with my guys a couple of times.  He’s one of those guys who’s not really a gym fighter, he only gives you about 40%, but when he wants to turn it on, he can fight.” Roach said, breaking into a smile as he discussed the current middleweight champion of the UFC.

“I think he has a shot.  Roy Jones might be, maybe a little bit too much for him, but i’d like to see it.”

Roach also admitted that he does enjoy mixed martial arts…or at least one part of it.

“The stand-up part of MMA I like a lot, I think it’s action packed.  When they get down to the ground, the wrestling…the wrestling i’m not such a big fan of.”

In recent times Roach has worked with a number of MMA fighters including the aforementioned Silva, BJ Penn, Tito Ortiz, Dan Hardy and Andrei Arlovski.  He says that he will continue to help more fighters from the sport in the future.

Watch the full interview, which includes his thoughts on the Pacquiao – Cotto fight (MMA comments start at 8.07mins into the video) below:


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