For some time now it’s been known that the Federal Trading Commission has been conducting an investigation into allegations that the UFC’s parent company Zuffa had become an monopoly after purchasing it’s major competitor Strikeforce in early 2011.

Well, the good news for the promotion is that today the FTC officially announced that the case is now closed.

Here’s the official notice in full.

“The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition has been conducting a
nonpublic investigation to determine whether Zuffa, LLC’s acquisition of Explosion
Entertainment, LLC may violate Section 7 of the Clayton Act or Section 5 of the Federal Trade
Commission Act.

Upon further review of this matter, it now appears that no further action is warranted by
the Commission at this time. Accordingly, the investigation has been closed. This action is not
to be construed as a determination that a violation may not have occurred, just as the pendency
of an investigation should not be construed as a determination that a violation has occurred. The
Commission reserves the right to take such further action as the public interest may require.”