The UFC have announced that British fans will be able to watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 on FX UK, including the live finale on December 3rd.

This means that fans will have access to the show whether they are on the SKY or Virgin Media platforms.

Further good news for UK fans is that the show will air only a day after the US broadcast, with the 2 hour premiere set for Thursday, 22nd September at 11pm.

TUF 14 features a highly talented selection of bantamweight and featherweight fighters who will be coached by UK star Michael Bisping and former Strikeforce fighter and host of MTV’s ‘Bully Beatdown’ show Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller.

The move to FX UK is something predicted earlier this month, though we’ll still have to see whether we were also correct in assuming that the UFC’s live events will also shift to the channel when ESPN UK’s current deal runs out next year.

The reason for this belief is that it brings synergy to the UFC’s broadcasts in both the UK and the US.  Though the 14th season of TUF will air on Spike TV in the US, from the 15th season onwards it will also be airing on FX.

So far the UFC have not announced how UK fans will be able to watch November 12th’s ‘UFC On FOX 1’ event featuring a heavyweight title fight between Cain Velasquez Vs Junior Dos Santos, so it’ll be interesting to see whether it too ends up airing on FX UK.

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  1. Hi, TUF 14 isn’t showing on the Sky planner on FX channel 193 @ 11.00pm 22.9.11 – is it definatley airing on that channel?

  2. Guys, bear in mind that this deal was literally just struck earlier this week so it’s not a big surprise that the SKY schedule hasn’t been updated yet.

    You did look at the link I posted earlier though that shows TUF on FX UK’s schedule though, right?

    If you need to put your mind at ease then you can also see FX confirming the deal and the start time on their Twitter page:!/fxukcom

  3. rossc is right sorry, I jumped the gun it isn’t showing up on the UFC website but confirmed by a few sources. Sure it’ll be showing in next few days

  4. Sorry rossc, I checked that link the first time you posted it (forgot to leave that in my first comment). I’m just really impatient with the Sky guide.

  5. No worries. It is frustrating when Sky and Virgin don’t update their guide as quickly as they should, but unfortunately it happens from time to time.

  6. No Jenko, I believe the ESPN UK deal continues until the summer of next year so you’ll continued to see the major numbered events like the one’s you mentioned on ESPN as usual.

    However, things like November’s ‘UFC On FOX 1’ event (Cain Velasquez Vs Junior Dos Santos) and other ‘extra’ events like ‘UFC On Versus 6’ (Dominick Cruz Vs Demetrious Johnson) in October fall outwith ESPN’s current deal and so are “up for grabs” as it were, meaning that the UFC will have to negotiate a deal with either ESPN or the likes of FX in order for UK fans to see it.

    As far as the longer term goes though, once the UFC’s deal with ESPN UK ends next summer I do expect them to move elsewhere with FX UK being the most likely target.

    Hope that clears it up for you.

  7. Well, firstly keep in mind that it’s purely speculation at this point that the UFC’s live events will move to FX UK based on the fact that Dana White has hinted at it. For now nothing’s been decided though.

    As for whether it’d be PPV or not: If they do go with FX UK then I’d expect that the events would still be free. I believe the only concerns about PPV would come if the UFC made a deal with Sky Sports who have pursued the pay-per-view model in the past with boxing.

  8. sky do it all the time, the ufc event that showed on premier sports in the uk, didnt actually show on the sky guide until 24 hours before the event was aired, just be patient, they will probably up date it when they have had they tea and biscuits

  9. Who is going to show the prelims? It’s so annoying they are not on anymore.

    PPV will not work in this country ever.

  10. Not sure about the prelims Gernard, but for the last few the UFC have been showing the majority of them on Facebook, and then also have been streaming the Spike TV ones on UFC.TV as well for people in the UK.

  11. The UFC deal with ESPN runs untill august next year for those that are not sure.

    I’d expect the UFC to go down the root of PPV in the UK after, because the simple fact is, FX UK does not have the budget to secure the rights to the UFC, they are a basic package channel, where-as ESPN are a stand alone subscription channel, and the bidding/auctioning process HAS to be fair under Competition Commission regulations, so FX don’t have it in the bag by any means, and not forgetting that Sky Sports, Sky Box Office can pay the big money more so than FX.
    It is a massive shitter though that those with either Freesat or Freeview cannot watch TUF again, but thats what torrents are for i suppose!

  12. I thought you guys might like to know that we’ve now had direct contact with FX UK who have confirmed that the season premiere will air at 11pm on Thursday, 22nd September.

    I also checked online and the SKY guide does now include TUF airing at that time so I hope that puts everyone’s mind at rest.

    Really looking forward to the premiere episode. Everything I’ve heard about it suggests that there’s some top-notch fights.

  13. Just put it on my sky plus planner and series linked it God bless Dana and FX, first episode is a one-hour 45 min episode and I can’t wait.

  14. Yeah, only an hour to go until the first episode airs on FX UK and it’s supposed to be a cracker.

    Got to give a thumbs up to FX for only airing the show a day after the U.S, that’s definitely an improvement over many of the previous seasons.

  15. i recorded the first ep (the long special of fights to get into the house), series linked it but now my sky planner says the next episode scheduled to record THURS 6TH is called ‘Death Leprechauns’ and talks about a quarter final fight???!!! huh?????

  16. Yep, that’s right Nick. After the first episode they whittled down the 32 original fighters to 16 (8 bantamweights and 8 featherweights) so the first ‘proper’ round after the fighters get in the house is the quarter-finals.