Keith Jardine stepped in at short notice to fight Gegard Mousasi at Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Daley last night and managed to snatch a majority draw, though many people believed the former champion Mousasi should have had his hand raised.

Mousasi had been looking to establish himself as the No.1 contender at 205lbs, but due to the unsatifactory conclusion to last night’s fight it seems a rematch may instead be on the cards.

“That’s something we’ll definitely go back and talk to the camps and talk to Lorenzo and the group, and we’ll see what makes sense,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told reporters at the post-fight press conference, but also added, “Personally, I think [a rematch] will probably happen.  When? Who knows.”

Judging by the two fighters faces after the fight Mousasi was the clear winner, sporting barely a scratch himself while former UFC fighter Jardine’s face was swollen, bloody and bruised, a clear indication of Mousasi’s dominance in the stand-up exchanges.

Jardine had three things going for him though: a number of successful takedowns landed throughout the fight, the fact that Mousasi was deducted a point in the first round for an illegal upkick, and the fact that he’s as tough as old boots and won’t quit.

It was a gutsy display, and with a full training camp behind him he should be able to improve upon his performance if a rematch does occur.  The smart money will still be on Mousasi to emerge victorious though.