Gegard Mousasi’s UFC Comments Pulled From His Blog?

One of the most exciting young fighters in MMA right now is clearly Gegard Mousasi.  Currently plying his trade in Strikeforce where he recently KO’d Renato Sobral in the first minute of the fight, the 24 year old has  already amassed a highly impressive CV of 26 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.

When the Affliction promotion dissolved Mousasi’s next destination appeared to be the UFC.  The exact reason why this did not take place and the fighter ended up signing for rival promotion Strikeforce  is still unclear with conflicting reports of management issues, payment problems and mis-communication being cited by different sources.

There is no question that the UFC were interested in signing the multi-faceted fighter.  When asked recently to rate his desire to sign Mousasi on a scale of 1 to 5 Dan White quickly replied, “seven!”

It would seem from his most recent blog posting on his own blog that Mousasi still has his sights set on the UFC in the future stating that:

“I was doubting if I’m doing a UFC chapter in my blog, my first thought was no because I’m not a UFC fighter but on the other hand a lot of people ask me the question ‘when are you going to the UFC?’. I know that the best fighters in my weight fight in the UFC but I’m still young and very happy with Strikeforce as a company. I’ve signed a contract with them and I will fight the fights they give me.

There are so many things possible in a short time, maybe I lose two times and the UFC doesn’t want me at all. That’s why I focus on one fight at a time. My goal in the future is of course to become UFC champion but I’m not in a rush. I’m happy with Strikeforce now and that’s the most important things. I’m now champion and want to defend with honor and dignity. It’s up to fighters like Fedor, Alistair and me to show great fights and make Strikeforce look good. I still believe Strikeforce is the company with the most growth potential. By the way maybe the UFC champions will come to Strikeforce and challenges us for the belt (laughs).” – Gegard Mousasi

What is now interesting to note that despite this version of the blog being quoted on several MMA sites in the past day, if you visit his M1 Blog now, the  section regarding the UFC has vanished (see fiveouncesofpain for the full blog as it was originally posted).

It seems that someone has perhaps though better of having a key  fighter in the organization openly acknowledging that their rivals have better fighters.

Whatever the reason, Mousasi’s immediate future lies with Strikeforce and he reveals that his next fight for the organization will be in November and though he doesn’t have an opponent to name just yet he did name several possible match-ups:

“I heard some rumors like Kevin Randleman, Paulo Filho and Mike Whitehead. Whitehead would be the most logical pick because he recently won against Randleman. I’ve also heard a rumor that Arona is fighting again and it would be great if Strikeforce can pick him up. We can use a new light heavyweight fighter.”

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