Georges St.Pierre is known as one of the most humble fighters in the UFC despite being one of the top three mixed martial artists pound-for-pound in the world.

That doesn’t mean he lacks confidence though. When he talks about his own abilities in his latest interview you get the feeling he’s giving you an honest appraisal of his skills rather than attempting to brag about them.

“I think I’m champion not because I’m the strongest guy,” St.Pierre says in his pre-fight interview for UFC 124. “I don’t think I’m champion either because I’m the fastest or the more athletic. I think there is something that I have that most of the people doesn’t have – I can put it all together, and I always figure out a way to bring the fight where I’m at my best and he’s at the weakest.”

Next up for the welterweight champion is a rematch with Josh Koscheck, and GSP feels that he’s the perfect opponent to bring out the best in him.

“Koscheck is the perfect guy to fight. He’s a perfect villain, you cannot ask for a better match-up than this. I’m a specialist to fight guys who trash-talk, I’m a specialist of rematches and I’m a specialist to fight wrestlers. Koscheck has has done those three things.”

Of course GSP has every right to feel confident heading into his next title defense given the fact that he’s already beaten him once before. Both men have improved since then but the Canadian still feels he has the upper hand in this fight.

“I think I’m a better overall fighter than Josh Koscheck. I think I’m better everywhere than he is. Even in a wrestling match I would not be scared to wrestle with him. I think I’m a better wrestler than he is.”

Fueled with that belief St.Pierre plans to overwhelm the former TUF season 1 fighter when the door shuts in the octagon on December 11th.

“I’m going to be relentless. I’m going there to win and take him out. As soon as he makes that first mistake he’s going to get knocked out or submitted. I have more experience than he has, I think I’m a better athlete than he is, and I’m more well-rounded and skilled than he is.”

Watch GSP’s full interview below.