Gina Carano Not Expected To Fight Again Until Summer Of 2010

Gina Carano has recently appeared partially nude for a special ‘body’ issue of ESPN magazine, and has also been cast to star in a new movie by Steven Soderbergh, but what many people are wondering is when she might return to her ‘day job’ – mixed martial arts competition.

In a new interview on the mma hour radio show, Scott Coker, the president of Strikeforce, was asked when we might expect to see popular womens MMA fighter Gina Carano back in action.

“I think they are going to start shooting (the Soderbergh movie)  in January from what I hear,” he says.  “It was pretty clear that we wouldn’t see her until probably (the) 2nd quarter of next year…and probably late 2nd quarter, probably towards the summer time.  That’s when we’re expecting her back.”

How much dialogue there has been behind the scenes between the two is unknown, but despite his prediction of a summer return to action, Cocker must be somewhat concerned that she may not return.  He has already had a bad experience with Hollywood when his former middleweight champion Cung Le started to get movie roles, which delayed his fight career, and eventually led to him vacating his belt in order to become a full-time actor.

Despite her loss to Cyborg Santos in August, Gina Carano is still very much in demand  and could essentially take her pick of which career path she wishes to take at this stage.  Whether she still has a desire to compete appears to be a question that won’t be answered any time soon.

Update (31st January 2010):  See the latest on Gina’s acting debut here


  1. dont get me wrong i love cyborg and shes a fanom fighter but carano wasnt herself in that fight, she could take those bombs cyborg was dropping, i think if she’d been herself she coulda taken that belt home, cant wait until shes back shes such an inspiration.

  2. No way gina would have beaten the she-man cyborg. Regardless, i’m sure she (or her agent) are smart enough to see MMA as just the door opener for a bigger longer career in showbiz.

  3. she definatly coulda won but she got scared. it happens to everyone i think she’ll be back i dont think she’ll quit that easy. i hope not n e wayz

  4. I hope she comes back too, she’s great for the sport. Unfortunately the signs don’t look good at the moment. Even Randy Couture who cornered her in the Cyborg fight has said he doesn’t think she’ll be back.

  5. First of all, if Gina Carano was coming back she would have been in the spotlight already. Second of all, I saw that fight between her and Cyborg. And let me tell you something, the eye of the tiger was not there. I knew it the minute she was introduced. Whereas, Cyborg was like a vicious lioness stalking her prey waiting to attack. And that’s exactly what she did. Right from the get go she didn’t let up. Personally, I don’t see anyone in the near or distant future defeating this girl. She is a great tenacious fighter. And third of all, Gina Carano never got over this defeat. And I don’t think that she ever will. That is why we may never see her in the ring again. Don’t get me wrong, Carano is a good fighter but she’s not as good as Cyborg.

  6. Whether Gina is coming back or not, winning or loosing I will still be her lover next to her dad…. I love you Gina I will still be your number one fan no matter what career path you choose I will follow you.

  7. Gina had the fight won early when she came down on top of Cyborg with Cyborg’s arms pinned under Gina’s knees. Had she started pounding instead of letting Cyborg go, it would have been over quickly. I think Gina thought she could win in a longer fight, so she let Cyborg go. Mistake.

  8. Gina Carano sucks and she is a fame-whore. Now that she got her fame she wont be coming back to MMA, she will just take her clothes off for money. Anyway she could never beat cyborg so she’d have to switch weightclasses.

  9. Gina doesn’t have the goods to compete on Cyborg’s level. She doesn’t like her precious little perfect face to get hit….Cyborg on the other hand- her face looks like a big piece of cement. Goodbye Gina, sorry you don’t have what it takes in this sport. Good luck in show biz.

  10. Gina seemed to have only been using her fighting skills. I didn’t see fierce competition drive in her. Usually just her skill is enough btu with Chris she needed to dig deep, find some hate, anger, animosity, etc to channel. She is too nice and it seems she is afraid to seriously hurt anyone. That has to go if she chooses to compete. I also don’t think Captain America was the best choice for her on that fight. I love and respect him but she needed training obn a whole nother level. Anyways, I hope she chooses to continue to compete. If she want to act then please give up competitive mma. We don’t need a female version of Cung Le.

  11. I alway wanted her to continue her career in the martial art world become one of the few women grand masters. Like Bruce Lee was able to do and do movie roles. Am a fan.

  12. well let me tell you something if gina carano was all that she said she was she would have came back and fought harder than ever it seems that the fight with cyborg would’ve wanted to make her train even harder but instead she just wanted to be a quiter what ever happened to perserverance? she may the face of mma but she sure aint to undefeated anymore!

  13. Gina is now and forever will be in my heart. First fight to the last,she can and will beat cyborg,tough name,tough girl,but only human. If Gina wants to beat her she will. A little more ground game and don’t let her ugly fa,learnce scare you,train smart,watch her fight others

  14. Very few woman can do what she did and still look incredible! Haters need to step off. If Gina wants to act,you do what your little heart desires sweetheart,love a girl who kicks ass and takes names. Mines johnny p. From PA


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