MMA superstar Gina Carano is all set to star in the new movie ‘In The Blood’ according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The news comes just weeks after Carano’s first major movie ‘Haywire’ directed by Stephen Soderbergh arrived on the big screen.

Though the film has failed to set the box office alight, raking in just under $25 million to date despite an all-star cast, the 29 year-old’s fighting abilities and movie star looks were praised by the critics and that would appear to have paved the way for her to take on this upcoming role which will see her again pitched in to the action-thriller genre.

In fact the roles aren’t too disimilar from one another, with ‘In The Blood’ also being a ‘revenge’ based movie that see’s Carano’s character looking for vengeance against the men who she believes kidnapped and murdered her husband while vacationing in the Caribbean.

The movie will be directed by John Stockwell who’s previous been at the helm for the likes of ‘Into The Blue’ starring Jessica Alba and most recently ‘Dark Tide’ with Halle Berry.

While today’s news is good for Carano it suggests that she is now ready to completely turn her back on the sport that made her famous. Prior to the premiere of ‘Haywire’ the Strikeforce star had hinted that her future lay in the movie business, but had refused to rule out the possibility of returning to the cage, saying that she’d wait until after the film launched to decide what she wanted to do.

Though it’s still possible she could fight again – Randy Couture is another prominent MMA star who competed in-between shooting Hollywood movies – reports that ‘In The Blood’ will begin shooting in late Spring / early Summer rule out the chance of it happening any time soon.

With Carano out of the picture and the last woman to defeat her Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos having tested positive for steroids the real focus of woman’s MMA now swings to the upcoming 135lb title match-up between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey who will not only be fighting for the strap, but also to potentially become the new face of the sport.


  1. Gina has awesome presence in ‘Haywire’ and the fight scenes are better than Seagal’s and Van Damme’s. I’d like to see her do a remake of ‘Woman from UNCLE’ in a television series. She’s a natural for acting. Maybe that degree in psychology helps.