Gina Carano’s Haywire Movie Has Weak Opening Weekend And Mixed Reviews

Gina Carano has been known to generate impressive audience numbers for her mixed martial arts bouts, but her drawing power hasn’t quite translated over to the big screen for her starring role in the movie ‘Haywire’ which was released on Friday.

Over the weekend period ‘Haywire’ earned $9 million in the U.S which makes it the fifth best-selling movie during that period.

That’s not terrible, but considering the all-star cast which includes Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas, with Oscar-winning director stephen Soderbergh at the helm, a stronger start would have been anticipated.

Ironically given the repeated postponements to it’s release date which was drawn out for well over a year, it ended up being released on the same day as another raven haired beauty Kate Beckinsale’s latest picture ‘Underworld Awakening’ which completely stole Carano’s thunder, raking in $25 million over the same period to claim the No.1 spot.

Meanwhile, reviews for the film have been a mixed bag. Things started off promisingly when the RottenTomatoes site reported an average 82% positive rating from the critics, while Metacritic came in with a lower, but still solid 67%.

There seems to be quite a gap between the opinions of the so-called experts and the movie-going public who gave it a dire D+ rating via cinemascore.

Carano claimed in the weeks leading up to the movie’s release that she was putting her future plans on hold until she saw how it was received. The fact that she had described making the movie as being “the time of my life” and was hesitant to commit to fighting in the cage again suggested that she was leaning more towards a career in tinseltown however.

We’ve seen this happen before with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson who starred in ‘The A-Team’ remake and went as far as to claim that he was going to retire from MMA and become an actor.

The film didn’t do as well as had been anticipated however and it would seem that there’s not been a ton of lucrative acting roles on offer for him since so he’s set his focus back on being a mixed martial artist.

It’s too early to say at this stage whether the same fate awaits Carano, but it’s certainly possible.


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