Gina Carano’s ‘Haywire’ Movie Now Set For March / April 2011 Release

There’s still no word on whether MMA superstar Gina Carano will return to the sport that made her famous, but we do have an update on her major motion picture debut in Stephen Soderbergh’s ‘Haywire’.

According to The Playlist the spy thriller in which Carano pays the lead role has now shifted distributor from Lionsgate to Overture.  As a result the movie has now been rescheduled from a previously reported January 2011 date to sometimes in late March / early April.

The good news for those keen to see Carano in action is that Soderbergh is apparently planning to release a six minute clip from the movie featuring her alongside co-stars who include the likes of Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton and Antonio Banderas.  A poster for the film is also currently in the works.

As far as her MMA career goes, I still feel that no news is bad news in this instance.  Prior to his fight at UFC 118 last month Randy Couture, who cornered Carano in her last fight with Cris Santos stated that he’d be surprised if she returned to the cage.

Ironically Couture himself has hinted that he may be set to leave the sport for a career in the movie business sooner rather than later after a successful appearance in hit movie, ‘The Expendables’ over the summer period.


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