Gleison Tibau Grinds Out A Victory Over Josh Neer

This bout was always going to be about Gleison Tibau trying to take the fight to the ground, whilst Josh Neer tried his best to keep it standing. In the end, as expected, it was Tibau who got his way, but Neer did not make it easy for him.

At the start of the first round Tibau twice practically sent Josh Neer into orbit as he lifted him up and sent him crashing spectacularly to the mat. Despite this on both occasions Neer showed an excellent knack for avoiding any real damage from the bottom and quickly got back to his feet.

This would essentially be how the rest of the fight would play out, though the takedowns would become less visually impressive as the contest wore on, particularly in the third round when Tibau was clearly tiring.

There were periods in the fight when Josh Neer had a chance to work his stand-up but, unusually for him, seemed unable to capitalize on the opportunity. The same could be said for Tibau on the ground which made this one of the least exciting fights on the card.

In the end Tibau’s frequent takedowns would prove to be the decisive factor in this fight and he gained a unanimous decision win.

Final Result: Gleison Tibau Defeats Josh Neer By unanimous decision.


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