UFC Heavyweight star Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira received some good news yesterday – the broken arm he suffered at the hands of Frank Mir on Saturday night at UFC 140 won’t require surgery.

Nogueira visited with a top doctor in the field in Los Angeles who opted to avoid surgery in favor of letting the bone heal naturally.

“We’ve just received the diagnosis from the doctor, he said he prefers not to operate and said it will heal, that in five months he’ll fight again,” Nogueira’s brother Rogerio posted on Twitter.

It’s quite a surprising announcement given the severity of the fracture, but the general feeling from those in the know is that the fact that it was his arm that broke and not his shoulder was actually a blessing and provides far less complications for his recovery.

Hopefully everything works out and Nogueira is able to resume his fighting career at some stage in 2012 if he so chooses.