Gracie’s Breakdown Anderson Silva’s Submission On Chael Sonnen

Hours after Anderson Silva’s stunning last-gasp submission victory over Chael Sonnen the Gracie brothers Ryron and Rener posted up a video explaining exactly how the fight was finished.

They detail how Silva locked in the triangle choke, how Sonnen attempted a legitimate escape, and ultimately how Silva was able to additionally apply an armbar to force the tap.

Ironically the move is very similar to that which Fabricio Werdum pulled off against Fedor Emelianenko to break his long unbeaten run. On this occasion however Silva utilized it to maintain his remarkable winning streak in the UFC.

There’s no question that these two high profile victories in a matter of just a few months indicate just how powerful an artform BJJ remains in the sport, over a decade since Royce Gracie first stepped into the octagon.

The Gracie’s also point out how Sonnen attempted a “Brazilian Tap” – i.e. only tapping once in the hope that his opponent would let go before the referee noticed and would be able to continue fighting. Silva was wise to that however and refused to let go until the referee called an end to the bout.

Check out the full breakdown from the brothers below.


  1. thanks alot Gracie Bros .. what Silva did after Sonnen tried to escape was so confusing.. your explanation of the Armbar and how it worked clarified tons.. Much Respect for all Brazilian fighters.. I love how all Brazilian fighters carry on the Asian Martial Art’s custom of respect for your opponents. IMO, this is what separates American fighters from Brazilian fighters. Anderson Silva #1.

  2. q buena explicacion de lo q sucedio no me di cuenta del escape q trato de hacer sonnen, y como anderson logro controlarlo con con el triangulo y someterle con la palanca al brazo ; chevere


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