Gray Maynard Declared His Love For Dana White After UFC 125

In a new interview Gray Maynard explains for the first time in detail what he was going through his mind after going through an emotional rollercoaster following his draw with Frankie Edgar at UFC 125 on New Years Day.

In the post-fight press conference it was announced that Maynard wouldn’t be getting an immediate rematch, and instead Anthony Pettis would get the title shot.

Maynard was up on stage at the time and appeared visibly upset by the decision.

“I just really got down on me…but at the time, at the press conference I just thought, ‘right, don’t break down in tears because there’s so many people here,” Maynard confessed to MMA30’s Dave Farra.

A few hours later he was back in his hotel room when he got a text from UFC President Dana White to call him.

“He said, hey, I just did an interview – I thought about it, and you get the title shot,” Maynard recalls.

“I just said…I mean, it’s my boss, but I was like, “I love you!” [laughs] I told Dana I loved him!  [more laughs]”

How did Dana react to this?

“It was just silence for a second [more laughter]”

Ah, you’ve got to love a happy ending like this. Whether an immediate rematch is what you wanted to see or not, anybody who saw Maynard’s face at the press conference will surely be happy to hear that things worked out for him in the end.

Maynard now expects to fight Edgar for a third and final time at UFC 130 on May 28th.

Check out his full interview below.


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