Greg Jackson And Palhares Manager React To Greasing Allegations At UFN 22

If there were are any doubts remaining about whether Nate Marquardt greased his legs prior to his fight with Rousimar Palhares then both Marquardt’s coach Greg Jackson, and Palhares manager Alex Davis were on hand to put a full stop on the situation.

Jackson, who’s had to deal with similar allegations in the past regarding Georges St.Pierre was understandably frustrated by the accusations and was only too happy to nip the situation in the bud right there and then.

“That’s just the sad thing about where we’re at right now,” Jackson told after the fight. “So just to be sure, cos I do not cheat, I had the ring doctor check, I had the cornermen check, I had every single commissioner in there, I said, ‘check’.  I mean I wanted everybody to check so that we can see right here and now, there’s no grease.  They did a paper swipe where the grease is supposed to stay, it came out clear.  Everything came out clear.

“Everything is 100% B.S as far as that’s concerned.  We’re not going to grease to win.  We use solid technique, turning away, putting a foot on the butt so that you can extract the leg out – that’s called science.  No aliens are giving me grease then mesmerizing the commission so we can get past it.  I mean just get over it, Nate Marquardt is a great fighter.”

Even Palhares own manager Alex Davis held his hands up and admitted that his fighter had been mistaken.

“I looked at Nate’s legs myself,” Davis told MMAJunkie. “The commission checked them out, too. There was certainly no grease there. It was our error, and we owe Nate an apology, as well as Greg Jackson and the rest of his coaches and team.”

I think we can all now consider this case well and truly closed.

Check out Greg Jackson’s full post-fight interview below.


  1. It’s also quite possible they have some non-oil slippery substance that doesn’t show on the paper, like some kind of teflon-like substance in a suspension that sticks to the leg.

    I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m just saying, passing the test has never in sports proven that there wasn’t some foreign substance. The history of cheating is the history of using new substances to get past the test.

    So lets not say this paper test “proves” anything. Lets say, if there is doubt lets have a better test. Maybe something that directly tests how slippery the leg is, and if it’s more than X slippery then take a sample of the surface fluids and send them to a lab to test for anything other than sweat.

  2. Another possibility is having eaten something that causes your sweat to be greasier, but in that case the grease isn’t really foreign. In that case, it would need to be seriously considered if it’s appropriate or not, but probably okay in the meantime.


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