On Friday the red carpet was rolled out for the premiere of Georges St.Pierre and David Loiseau’s new documentary, ‘The Striking Truth.’

With GSP in attendance, Cage Potato took the chance to interview the welterweight champion and asked him a series of tough questions about the reason behind his split with his manager Shari Spencer, his thoughts on a new unauthorized biography set to be released about him, whether his friendship with the director of the documentary comprised the integrity of it, and his thoughts on a potential match-up with Anderson Silva.

Interesting questions, but unfortunately GSP was typically guarded with his answers and gave little away. Hopefully ‘The Striking Truth’ documentary will be more revealing, though the early word from people who saw the premiere suggests that it too leaves more questions than answers.

Check out the full interview below.

EMBED-Georges St-Pierre Striking Truth Toronto Premiere Interview – Watch more free videos