GSP Earns Between $4-5 Million Each Fight In The UFC

No wonder UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre is smiling so broadly in the picture above.

The 30 year-old revealed in an interview with Agence France-Presse recently that he earns between $4-5 million every time he steps into the Octagon to fight for the UFC.

Prior to this statement the exact amount that major fighters like St.Pierre make has never been made public.

All that was known is that he earns a basic salary of $400,000, though it was widely known that on top of that he also earned a cut of the pay-per-view money on the events that he fights on.

St.Pierre is certainly worth it, regularly bringing in 800,000+ PPV buys on the events that he headlines, with only former UFC heavyweight star Brock Lesnar being a bigger draw at this moment in time.

The fighter’s multi-millionaire status is further boosted by high-profile sponsorships with the likes of Gatorade and Under-Armour.

According to recent comments from UFC president Dana White the Canadian is one of around 40 fighters that have become millionaires while fighting in the promotion, with 20 of those being multi-millionaires.



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