It’s been a particularly unlucky few months for Georges St.Pierre, firstly having to pull out of his title fight with Carlos Condit due to a knee injury and now having to do so again just months away from a blockbuster bout with Nick Diaz after suffering a complete tear of his ACL.

Just hours after Dana White first revealed the news the welterweight champion held a press conference with his medical advisor, Dr Sebastian Simard to talk further about the injury and his thoughts on now having to spend up to 10 months on the sidelines because of it.

Below we’ll bring you the keynotes from their conversation.

Dr Simard on the extent of the injury:

“we did an MRI on Monday morning. I saw Georges yesterday with the results of the MRI and the physical exam that I did confirmed that Georges suffered a complete tear of his ACL and a small tear of his internal meniscus on the right knee, which is not the same knee that he suffered the sprained MCL in mid-October.”

Dr Simard on the upcoming surgery and recovery time:

“Considering the instability and the pain, surgery for Georges is mandatory. There’s no way he can compete with the problem on the right knee. We’re looking at doing an ACL reconstruction with meniscal repair. The technique that’s going to be used is the technique of anatomical ACL reconstruction, which is the best technique for this kind of injury.”

“I’m expecting a full recovery for Georges within 6-9 months. The success rate for this surgery is above 95 percent.”

GSP on the cause of the injury:

“I believe that there is only one person to blame for what happened and it’s myself. I’m the kind of guy where sometimes I endure pain and go through it and that’s what I do all the time. I learned a big lesson in my life and it’s only gonna make me stronger, smarter and more clever. It’s nobody else to blame, it’s myself. It’s a freak accident that happened in training.”

GSP on his dectractors:

“Everybody that says bad stuff about me now, mark my words, I’m gonna tell you right now, right now I’m in a downfall in my life, but in a few months I’m gonna be back stronger than ever and I will be champion again. I promise.”