Hamill – The Movie (Official Trailer)

The movie of deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill’s life appears to be moving closer to completion with a new official trailer now being released.

According to the official Facebook page for the film it should be finalized within the next month or so. The film stars Russell Harvard (THERE WILL BE BLOOD), Raymond J Barry (TRAINING DAY & BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY), Shoshanna Stern (WEEDS), Susan Gibney (CROSSING JORDAN) and Rich Franklin (FORMER UFC CHAMPION).

Here’s the official description for the film which primarily focuses on his wrestling background rather than his UFC career.

“Hamill is a sports drama depicting the struggles and successes Matt faces on the way to becoming a champion. Raised among those with the ability to hear, Matt later finds himself no less an outsider amidst the Deaf Community. Through sheer determination, he uses his perceived disability as an asset, and becomes both the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship and an inspirational force to the hearing and deaf alike.”

Meanwhile Hamill is set to fight Keith Jardine at the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 finale this Saturday night.

Watch the trailer below and check out the official website for the movie here.


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