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Hector Urbina Defeats Edgar Garcia by First Round Submission At UFC 180

Hector Urbina claimed a victory in his UFC debut tonight with a first round guillotine choke submission victory against Edgar Garcia in the opening bout of the PPV card at UFC 180 in Mexico.

Round One:

Urbina with a heavy leg kick to start. Garcia connects with a left hand. He lands a right, Urbina finds a home for a leg kick, but is countered with a right that knocks him backwards off-balance.

Garcia able to get on top of Urbina on the mat. He takes his back and puts his hooks in. He’s landing some nice punches as he tries to flatten him out. There’s a scramble as Urbina tries to roll out and Garcia attempts to find a rear-naked choke.

Urbina is able to shake Garcia off and get on top. Garcia tries to get up and Urbina sinks in a guillotine attempt, keeping him down in the process. Garcia on his knees now and Urbina looks for an anaconda choke, but doesn’t have it and Garcia gets back up and presses his opponent against the cage.

Garcia with a couple of knees then ducks down looking for a takedown. He’s left his neck out again though and Urbina sinks in the guillotine choke again, standing this time and then twisting around to lock it up really tight, leaving Garcia with no option but to tap out with 3.38mins of the first round gone.

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