Yesterday UFC middleweight star Vitor Belfort revealed on Twitter that he has Hepatitis A, stating that, “This thing hurts so bad.”

Don’t worry though, it’s not as bad as it sounds. People immediately hit the panic button when they hear any mention of ‘hepatitis’, but in this case it’s not a major cause for concern.

Hepatitis A is contracted either by ingestion of contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infectious person, and often produces flu-like symptoms.

It’s not something that’s going to keep Belfort out for long – in fact he reveals himself that he’ll only be out for a short period of time.

“Guys I just want to let u know that … hepatitis A is easy to treat so don’t worry, in two weeks I am back in the gym.”

That means he remains on course to fight at UFC 133 on August 6th against Japanese fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama.

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  1. This is crazy. With Hep A, a person is weak, it is completely untreatable except to ride it out with time. You can lower it’s effects by taking a Gamma Globulin shot when exposed, but that’s it. Also, it’s very contagious and a fighter would be crazy to fight in case he bleeds and God Forbid it gets into another fighter’s eyes. My wife had it in Peru and this disease can be horrible, and a person is weaker than a kitten.

  2. Like you say, he is just going to have to ride it out, but it seems that it should subside in a matter of weeks and allow him to resume training. It’s hardly ideal, but he’s not the fighter to contract it who’s gone on to fight again without any problems.