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Here’s Why You Should Never Axe Kick Wanderlei Silva in Training (Video)

Out of the cage Wanderlei Silva can seem like the nicest guy in the world, and is one of the most fan-friendly fighters every to compete in mixed martial arts.

Don’t be fooled though, Silva can turn on beast mode in the blink of an eye as the video below demonstrates.

The clip shows Silva sparring at his gym in Las Vegas with fellow Brazilan Michael Costa (10-5-1). Both men are getting their licks in, but it’s all fairly civilized until Costa suddenly decides to throw an axe-kick (1.33mins). Apparently Silva doesn’t approve and suddenly ramps things up, driving forward with punches before dumping Costa onto the mat and throwing down bombs.

After this Silva may have to change his nickname to ‘Axe-Kick Murderer’.

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