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Herschel Walker’s MMA Future Unclear After Victory Over Scott Carson

After Herschel Walker demonstrated improvements in his mixed martial arts game during a comprehensive first round victory over Scott Carson last night, you’d expect that another fighter of the former NFL Legend would be a certainty.

According to the 48 year-old himself that’s not necessarily the case.

“If I’m going to fight again I wont [wait so long]. I don’t want to wait so long because I am getting old, but at the same time, fighting again is not my goal,” Walker told MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani.

“Right now my goal is to get into the gym.  The thirty years I was doing Take Kwon Do I loved it, I learned a lot, but I can say that in the eighteen months I’ve been in MMA I’ve learned so much more.   I’ve really, really enjoyed it.”

When pressed Walker admits that he’s not yet willing to commit 100% to returning to the cage for a third professional bout.

“No, I can’t.  That’s one thing I’m not going to say is 100%, but I will say 100% I’ll be back at AKA.  I will say that I’ll be back training with those guys because we’ve got a lot of guys going for belts soon, and I want to be able to get in the ring and help them out and give them sparring partners, do whatever I can do to help them advance like they’ve helped me.”

Even Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker admits it’s far from certain that the popular athlete will fight for the organization again.

“You know, I’ll tell you, that’s something we’ll have to talk to Herschel about, but if this was his last fight…this might have have been the last fight of his career, and that’s OK.  And I feel like that’s something we helped make happen for him, and he was great.  And of any fighter in the whole history of MMA, there’s not been another person that’s achieved the media that Herschel Walker has for this fight.”

Whether he does return to fight or not,  it appears that Walker is committed to using his star status to continue to help promote the sport to a wider audience.

“I want to bring some recognition to this sport, maybe make a little more money for these guys.  This is a great, great sport.  This sport deserves to be on Wall Street, it deserves for people to recognize these athletes for what they are doing in the cage and octagon, and they’re not getting it.  So I’d love to bring out a little bit more, speak out a little bit more about it on it and maybe I can help it out a little bit more.  Even though I know I’m getting old, maybe I can help it grow some.”

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