Holly Holm Outstrikes Marion Reneau To Decision Win At UFC Fight Night 71

Holly Holm put in a solid shift against Marion Reneau tonight at UFC Fight Night 71, outstriking and outworking her opponent over the course of three rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Holm comes out cautiously, taking the center of the Octagon, but maintaining her distance for now. She starts trying to lands a couple of low kicks, but comes up short.

Both ladies still looking to find their range. Holm finally lands a kick to the body. Soon after Reneau lands one of her own. Again a body kick for Holm and a side kick to the same area too.

Another side kick now. And again. That’s her weapon of choice for now, occasionally firing out a few punches that come up short, but then landing the side kick behind it.

Reneau a bit hesitant with her own strikes at this stage as Holm dictates the range and pace. Leg kick for Holm. Misses with a front kick upstairs. Reneau presses forward with some offense of her own, but only one kick lands.

Spinning kick attempt from Holm misses. Body kick for Reneau and then moves out of the way of a counter. Holm grazes Reneau to the head with a kick. She thinks she might have hurt her a little so tries to follow up with more offense, but Reneau stays composed and mainly out of harms way.

Leg kick from Reneau. She lands a couple of push kicks in the final 10 seconds to keep Holm at bay.

Round Two:

Kick to the knee from Holm. Now a front kick to the body that doesn’t quite find a home. Leg kick for Reneau. Holm responds with a body kick. She lands upstairs with another kick.

Reneau charges forward with a series of punches, but Holm moves away out of range. Nice leg kick for Holm and Reneau tries to clinch. However Holm is able to break free and lands a body kick. Reneau connects with a kick to the midsection of her own.

Holm with a very nice series of straight punches and a kick behind it. Better work from her. Another little flurry and a kick. Two punches but the head kick afterwards misses.

Another flurry, another kick. Holm settling into a rhythm here. Reneau lands a slapping body kick there. Holm targest the knee with a kick. She lands a side kick to the bread basket.

Holm just far busier than Reneau in this fight so far and it appears to be making her opponent a little gun-shy. They exchange in close, but Holm with far more of it as she works punches and kicks.

Holm catches a kick from Reneau. Reneau hops up onto her, hoping to potentially get this fight to the mat, but Holm just throws her to the mat and doesn’t follow her down, hovering over her until the bell sounds.

Round Three:

Holm with another one of those flurries where she pushes forward with punches then puts a kick behind it, but nothing landing too effectively that time.

Side kick from Holm is almost caught by Reneau who lands a strike. Holm with a punch combination. She lands a kick to the body.

The flurries continue from Holm. Body kick. Reneau lands a jab, but Holm counters with punches of her own. Leg kick from Holm land solidly.

Kick and a punch from Holm and Reneau falls to the mat, more of a stumble than anything by the looks of things. Reneau met with a little more offense as she stands.

Couple of chopping leg kicks from Holm. Holm trying a hook kick to the face now, but it just misses the target. Left hand gets through in a flurry.

Reneau clinches and hops onto Holm. Holm dumps her to the mat and this time follows her down. Holm lands a strike, but quickly gets back to her feet. Holm stands over her and lands a kick.

Reneau back up now in the final 30 seconds of the round. Flurry from Holm and at least three of those punches land clean then a solid body kick. Reneau backed up against the cage now as Holly finishes the final seconds of the round strongly with more strikes as Reneau looks to run out of danger.


Solid enough striking performance from Holm who kept up a good pace throughout the fight and she earns a comfortable unanimous decision victory (30-27, 39-26, 29-28).

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