Houston Alexander And Sokoudjou Awarded Bonus After Epic Encounter At Shark Fights 13

Shark Fights had done a lot of things right leading up to their first ever pay-per-view event on Saturday night, and they continued to do so after the fights as well, announcing a UFC style ‘Fight Of The Night’ bonus.

Of course the up and coming promotion doesn’t have the kind of money to throw around that the UFC does, but still the $2,500 bonus received by Thierry Sokoudjou and Houston Alexander was no doubt well received nonetheless.

It was fitting that these two should receive an extra rewards for their efforts since their memorable two round rollercoaster of a fight helped elevate the whole show and sent both the fans in attendance, and those watching on PPV home happy.

Fights like this can be worth their weight in gold as the UFC can testify with their classic ‘Griffin Vs Bonnar’ encounter at the TUF Season 1 finale, and the Shark Fights promotion will no doubt be hoping that it can help cement them as an emerging force in the mixed martial arts landscape.


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