Houston Alexander Credits Conditioning For Win Over Sokoudjou

Houston Alexander stole the show at last night’s Shark Fights 13 event with a jaw-dropping second round comeback against Sokoudjou after enduring a first round beatdown.

After the fight Alexander was humble and admitted he was forced to weather a major storm in the opening minutes of the fight.

“You know what, survival mode just kicked in,” he told Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt after the fight. “When your in that mode anything can happen, and I just wanted to survive and get my wits back again.  Once I got my wits back again I calmed myself down and proceeded.”

Alexander makes it sound relatively simple, but it was in fact a remarkable show of heart that kept him in the fight.  The fighter himself prefers to credit one particular attribute for allowing him to keep fighting.

“Great conditioning.  We knew this was going to be a fight so the one main thing we wanted to do was to make sure we were going to be able to recover fast, and so conditioning was key.”

Alexander, well known for being a family man, says he was motivated by a desire to set a good example for his kids.

“My kids were at home watching and one thing I told my kids was never to give up.  You know I don’t care what you do, whether your doing education or anything, never give up and I just wanted to set the example for my kids tonight.”

As for what comes next, Alexander is happy to fight wherever he’s wanted.

“You know what, it doesn’t matter to me,’ he says. “Like I said earlier in the press conference, as long as the card is good the people will pay to see great fights.  You could fight in a basement.  As long as there’s a great card in the basement the fans will support it.”

Watch his full post-fight interview with Sherdog below.


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