Next up on the MMA calender is UFC 133 this weekend and in the last couple of days two new hype videos have emerged promoting the main event between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz.

The first comes courtesy of the UFC themselves and appears to be a portion of some as yet unaired interview between them in which the two engage in some trash-talking. It looks a little staged to me, but I could be wrong. Whether it is or it isn’t it seems to be having the desired effect as it’s already about over 260,000 views on YouTube.

Meanwhile a new video from Evans sees him engage in more trash-talk aimed at Ortiz during a training session, shouting into the camera, “get your game up baby!…you don’t want none of this.”

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of pay-per-view sales this fight will be able to draw in the end. Right now it’s hard to predict at the moment just how much Ortiz’s sudden rise back to prominence after beating Ryan Bader will have. Throwing a little bad blood into the mix between the two fighters certainly won’t hurt the numbers though.

Check out the videos below.