IGN Gets A First Look At EA Sports: MMA

As well as previewing footage of their forthcoming EA Sports: MMA game during the Strikeforce: Fedor Vs Rogers card, EA also let a number of members of the press to get a chance to take a closer look at the eagerly awaited simulation.

IGN.com have since posted their first impressions, and would appear to have liked what they saw. Here’s some key quotes from their two page article.

“EA Sports has gone to great lengths to ensure that their game has a more organic feel to its combat. Fighters can throw punches simultaneously without waiting for their opponent’s animation to finish.”

“Standard striking will be handled by the analog stick by default, though all of the controls can be customized if you prefer something different. The developers want kicking and punching to be the same movement on the analog stick regardless of whether you’re on the ground or upright. How you’ll handle moving from mount to half-guard (as well as other transitions on the mat) is still a bit of a mystery.”

“Much like the striking, advancing position will be the same movement or button press regardless of where you are in the ring. If you’re in the clinch, it’s going to be the same motion to advance your position as if you’re on the ground.”

“Obviously you’ll be able to create your own fighter and an improved version of EA Sports’ Photo GameFace will be employed to create your virtual likeness, but how you’ll grow your fighter is still up in the air.”

“Training itself will be a teaching exercise so gamers can learn how to fight. I suspect that means that you won’t be lifting weights and punching and kicking different areas of the heavy bag to get ready for a fight.”

“We were shown a leg kick at the beginning of a fight and a leg kick several minutes in after plenty of damage had been inflicted and the reaction was totally different. At first Fedor was able to take the kick without budging, but once he took a few more, one leg kick was able to send him reeling, thus opening the door for a takedown.”

“My one concern is the number of fighters that will be in the game. When asked about the number of fighters on the roster, Jackson said that EA Sports is focusing on the quality of each fighter rather than having a huge roster.”

“It’s also interesting that EA is considering adding a women’s division of fighters.”


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