Impact FC Fighters Have Not Been Paid Yet

Unfortunate news has emerged today via the CagePotato site who report that many of the participants in this months Impact FC events in Australia have not received payment.

Apparently over a dozen fighters including Karo Parisyan, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Jesse Taylor have confirmed they’ve yet to be paid in full for their exploits down under.  Some have acquired only partial payment while others have come home with nothing more than bumps and bruises.

At this stage Impact FC’s two main promoters, Andrew McManus and Tom Huggins appear to be blaming each other for the debacle, with Huggins claiming he has a contract stating that McManus is solely responsible for the payments, while McManus states that he never signed that agreement.

Impact FC’s plan to launch with two fights in the space of a month in a relatively new market like Australia with a host of UFC veterans always appeared to be an overly ambitious plan.

In the end, despite decent media coverage due to the lack of other major events being held in July, the attendances were disappointing and though no numbers have been revealed it’s likely that the PPV numbers for the second event didn’t fare any better.

Still, that’s not the fighters fault and hopefully Impact FC will pull together the funds to pay the fighters what they are due.  As for the future it appears highly doubtful that a rumored third event later in the year will now go ahead.


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