Hugely disappointing news emerged from UFC HQ today as it was revealed that UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones his picked up an injury and as a result will not be able to defend his title against Rashad Evans.

It’s believed that Jones has torn ligaments in his hands and as a result will now be heading for surgery.  As a result former champion Evans will will now take on the fast rising Phil Davis at UFC 133 on August 6th instead.

It’s unfortunate news, and really it suits nobody.  For the UFC it means that once again the 205lb title has to be put on hold due to injury and the fans will have to wait indefinitely to see this intriguing fight take place.

It’s not likely to sit well with the fighters either.  Evans now has to take on a potentially risky fight rather than get an immediate title shot, Davis doesn’t get the long break he had hoped for to work on developing his skills, and Jones has to sit on the sidelines rather than continue his recent momentum.

On the bright side Evans Vs Davis is an interesting fight with both men coming from a strong wrestling base, though Evans is at this moment in time far more potent on his feet than ‘Mr Wonderful’.