Invicta FC’s unique take on MMA, providing all-female fight cards, has once again proven to be a hit with fans after it’s second live event was viewed by over 300,000 unique users for free online.

Prior to that the promotion’s first event proved to be a surprise hit with 230,000 viewers watching the live stream back in April, but according to Invicta’s female president Shannon Knapp, the second show not only outdid it, but exceeded all their expectations.

“At 5:30 pm we had over 100k people sitting in the queue and my prelims hadn’t even started. At 6 pm, when the event fired off, we had over 200k people hitting the site at once,” Knapp told the BloodyElbow site yesterday.

Knapp remains coy on exactly how many people tuned into the event this time around, saying that she didn’t want to distract attention away from the fighters and their performances this time around, but she did confirm that it was over 300,000 viewers.

Moreover she said that not only did they manage to get a lot of people to tune in, but they also managed to retain those viewers throughout the broadcast this time around.

“The last show you had people going to the site to watch, then they’d leave, come back and watch some more,” Knapp said.  “This time, we stayed steady and climbing. I don’t want to share the numbers right now, but let’s just say we started where we were the last time, and steadily, across the board, we never dropped. We actually increased the numbers and kept the viewers there. For five hours, people did not move. We drew more in and we never dropped off.”

Impressive stuff, and backed up with an almost sellout crowd and an enjoyable night of fights Invicta is quickly establishing itself as a significant new player in the MMA world.

With that in mind Knapp is open to the possibility of a television deal, and while she confirms that there has been interest in the past regarding that, the fact that they’ve now been able to prove that they aren’t just a one-hit wonder should increase the chances of that happening sooner rather than later.