Is James Toney Getting Cold Feet Over Randy Couture Fight?

On this week’s edition of ESPN’s MMA Live show, British journalist Gareth A Davies of The Telegraph newspaper suggested that James Toney might be having second thoughts about facing hall-of-famer Randy Couture at UFC 118 in August.

“Well I got a little disturbing news when I called the UFC for a little bit of a round up this morning is that James Toney is dragging his feet over the bout agreement signing with Randy Couture, which I think is bad news.”

“Well it’s a lot of hot air from James Toney; he wanted to be in it, why is he dragging his feet? That needs to be cleared up very soon.”

Toney himself had the following to say at the start of the month when he was asked whether the fight had been signed yet.

“He signed his contract, we’re gonna get the final deal done on my side – we gonna get it done cos we ain’t no dummies, I ain’t new to the game. I’m a professional, y’know, we just ready to go ahead and do it…I’mma do it.”

Ten days later it’s unclear as to what is causing the delay in Toney signing the deal. As Davies said, it was Toney who demanded that Dana White sign him up to fight in the UFC, so now that it’s been handed to him on a plate it’s time to put up or shut up.

Meanwhile, despite the contract delay, the indications are that Toney is indeed pressing on with his MMA training camp in preparation for the bout.

After the news last weekend that ‘King Mo’ Lawal had been training with him, the latest name linked to his camp is former UFC fighter Dean Lister. report that jiu-jitsu expert and former ADCC champion Lister has been working with the champion boxer for the past month.


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