A new report emerging from Holland suggests that K-1 heavyweight kingpin Semmy Schilt could be set to sign for the UFC.

The current K-1 Heavyweight World Grand-Prix champion’s management issued a statement to Dutch site MixFight.nl which seems to indicate that a deal could be reached with the world’s leading MMA promotion.

“Schilt has fought MMA in the past and says that he will be able to defeat Brock Lesnar. Talks with Dana White have already started and a 3 fight contract is a possibility.”

Standing 6 feet 11 inches tall, the 36 year-old Schilt has indeed fought in the UFC, back in 2001 where he claimed a victory over Pete Williams before being defeated by Josh Barnett.

His pro MMA record currently stands at 26-14-1, but he’s best known for his kickboxing career in which he’s put together an impressive 35-5-1 record and claimed multiple titles.

Schilt would certainly be a fun addition to the UFC’s burgeoning heavyweight division, but an immediate title shot with Brock Lesnar is highly unlikely.  Having struggled to make a consistent impact in the sport in his prime, it’s also doubtful whether he could fight his way into title contention at this stage in his career.

It also remains to be seen how serious all the involved parties are about bringing him into the promotion, or if this is just all talk from Schilt’s management to drum up some publicity.

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