Is President Obama A Fan Of MMA?

You might have read in the last 24 hours about a visit by US President Barack Obama making an impromptu visit to a restaurant in Buffalo, NY in which he was accosted by a female fan who told him he had, “You’re a hottie with a smokin’ little body.”

What’s that got to do with MMA?  Absolutely nothing as far as I’m aware.

However as an interesting little aside, The Buffalo News reports that in the same restaurant President Obama spoke with champion kick-boxer A.J Verel who happened to be ordering his lunch a the time.

The paper reports that according to Verel, he, “talked at length with the president about martial arts, kick-boxing and the sport of ultimate fighting, which is illegal in New York State.”

Verel said that he was impressed when Obama spoke  about a couple of ultimate fighters who had competed at last weekend’s UFC 113 event.  It wasn’t clear who the fighters were but considering Kimbo Slice’s notoriety in the mainstream he may well have been one of them.

There’s no indication of whether Obama is actually a fan of the sport, but in my minds eye I’m now picturing the president kicking back with his wife Michelle this weekend to take in the Overeem Vs Rogers event on Showtime.

All joking aside, just the fact that he has some knowledge of MMA is an indication of how the sport is growing. Now if he would just put in a good word in New York so we can get the sport regulated there at last…