Jacob Volkmann Visited By Secret Service After Obama Remarks At UFC 125

Following a prelim victory over Antonio Mckee at UFC 125 this past weekend, Jacob ‘Christmas’ Volkmann spoke to Ariel Helwani backstage and when asked who he’d like to fight next he gave an unexpected answer.

“It doesn’t matter…[Clay] Guida…I dunno,” he shrugged at first before another name suddenly popped into his head. “Actually, Obama,” he said with a chuckle.

He then elaborated on why he’d like to step into the octagon with the US President.

“He’s not too bright. Like the Making Home Affordable plan and then his Health Care plan…someone’s gotta knock some sense into that idiot,” Volkmann stated.

It turns out that the route of Volkmann’s annoyance stems from his own experiences setting up a Chiropractic Clinic.

“It’s irritating because I’m starting up my own business and it’s not real easy when you’re actually giving insurance companies the power to decline you and not pay you.”

Volkmann’s remarks may not have had any real intent behind them, but regardless they caught the attention of the Secret Service who visited ‘Christmas’ at both his home and at the gym to formally question him regarding his comments.

It’s believed that after being questioned the matter is now closed.  The whole incident may seem like an over-reaction, but apparently in the U.S any potential threat against the president has to be investigated.

Check out Volkmann’s original speech in it’s entirety below courtesy of MMAfighting.


  1. Volkman’s offer to fight President Obama is moronic. If he is representitive of the other UFC fighters, they must all be stupid. Healthcare is good for the U.S. and anyone who cannot see that is an idiot. As for UFC, I will be working away to have this activity {I won’t call it a sport} banned in my city.

  2. “Volkman’s offer to fight President Obama is moronic.”

    It wasn’t particularly smart, though in all fairness if you watch the video he wasn’t being serious. It’s since been reported that even the Secret Service apologized when they met with him and said it was just something they were legally obligated to do.

    “If he is representitive of the other UFC fighters, they must all be stupid.”

    I’d say it’s stupid to think that one sportsman’s political views could possibly be representative of an entire sport.

    “Healthcare is good for the U.S.”

    I agree.

    “As for UFC, I will be working away to have this activity {I won’t call it a sport} banned in my city.”

    Why exactly? Is it because you’ve over-reacted to one story and now have the misguided belief that all mixed martial artists are secretly plotting to bring down the president?

    Also, just so it’s clear – ‘The UFC’ isn’t a sport, it’s an organization. Mixed Martial Arts is the sport – and it is a sport, though if you wish to be petty and call it an ‘activity’ then that’s your choice.

    I should point out however that MMA is simply a combination of other recognized sports such as Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, etc.

    Overall I’m quite sure that if you really sat back and thought about it there’s better things you could be doing with your time than trying to ban a sport you don’t understand.


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