James Thompson Submits Mariusz Pudzianowski At KSW 16

Mariusz Pudzianowski’s attempt to make an impact in MMA hit another embarrassing stumbling block this evening in his native Poland as he suffered a submission loss to journeyman James Thompson.

As usual former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Pudzianowski looked physically impressive and took the fight to Thompson in the opening minutes, but his cardio again quickly became his downfall.

To be fair he did appear to be winning in the early stages, managing to take Thompson down briefly and later landing with a series of scrappy, non-technical blows, but despite having a weak chin at this stage in his career Thompson stood up to the punishment and then turned the screw with the Pole clearly exhausted by his early exertions.

Taking Pudzianowski to the ground Thompson faced no resistance as he easily slipped into the mount and began to land some ground and pound. Twice in the closing stages of the round Thompson took his back but couldn’t find a submission, and looked to be tiring himself as the bell sounded.

On to the second and Pudzianowski looks completely out of gas and struggling just to stand, while Thompson was also tired but pressed on regardless. Before long the Pole on his back and after a few blows it looked like Thompson was attempting a slightly sloppy arm triangle and Pudzianowski tapped…a little early, perhaps just too exhausted to continue as was the case against Tim Slyvia last year.

Overall it was another embarassing display by Pudzianowski who’s size and physique is rendered completely useless as it comes at the expense of severely deficient cardio and very little technique.

Thompson had won just one in his last 10 fights prior to this victory which gives you an indication of where Pudzianowski ranks in the grand scheme of things.


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