James Toney Gets Heated In New Interview With Ariel Helwani

Boxing great James Toney got a little hot under the collar in an interview with mmafighting’s Ariel helwani at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday at the UFC 116 event.

Helwani wasn’t pulling any punches as he questioned Toney on whether he genuinely did know a lot about MMA, referencing the boxer’s claim that among other things he knew how to “side check kick,” a term that had MMA fan’s scratching their heads and wondering what he was talking about.

“I don’t know nothing about the sport.  Just tune in August 28th and y’all will find out how much I know about the sport,” was Toney’s response.

“I don’t know jiu-jitsu, I don’t know wrestling, all I know how to do is fight, period,” he added later.

Toney continued to get more agitated when Helwani questioned him on whether he would have preferred someone else other than Randy Couture in his first fight in the promotion.

‘Lights Out’ appeared to be a little offended by the question and said he, “didn’t want to fight no bums,” and had asked to fight Brock Lesnar first.

He then went on to accuse Helwani of being a Couture fan and said the fighter shouldn’t be considered a hall of famer because he hadn’t retired yet.

Toney then walked away, but unperturbed Helwani followed him and continued with the interview sitting down at a table where the fighter eventually loosened up a little, though not before calling out fellow boxer David Haye, “a mamma’s boy” and claiming that he’s “gay.”

He did eventually come out with the best line of the interview though. When asked what he thought of Dana White’s admission that Couture Vs Toney was essentially a freak show, Toney replied, “the only freak show I got is inbetween my legs.”

There’s no doubt Toney talks a good fight, but it’s also clear that the questions about his ability to compete in MMA are getting under his skin a little.  Unfortunately for him those questions will continue to be asked until he finally steps into the cage and shows what’s he’s got against Couture on August 28th in Boston.

Nobody would deny that’s he’s got a punchers chance in that encounter, but the reality is that it’s a virtually impossible task for him to match up with one of MMA’s most highly respected and experienced fighters in the other aspects of the sport with just a few months training under his belt.


  1. Wow, I officially hate James Toney. What a monsterous and disrespectful tool, but props to Helwani for actually gutting out the interview with someone as ill-spoken and utterly offensive as Toney. I hope Randy Couture puts him up against the cage and wrestles him down, frustrating Toney to the point of making an idiot of himself and pulling a Paul Daley after the fight is over. Than kick his ass out of the UFC and end his little stint in a proffesional organziation, something he doesn’t have much of a concept of.

  2. “What a monsterous and disrespectful tool”

    Ha! I thought Ariel did great here. He didn’t back down from the tough questions even when Toney started to get more animated and aggressive. He reminds me a little bit of a UK documentary reporter called Louis Theroux who also has a clever knack of getting reactions out of people while still coming across as the “nice guy”.

  3. Toney is a funny dude!
    ufc needs more guys like this 1 instead of sum hard headed fighter.
    U gotta respect the man, he did have a nice record in boxing too! and he is willing to come to the cage. and u also have to admit that what he about no ufc fighter wanting to step into the ring was true, days y he came o the octogon. but hey, even if he does lose, it’s quite obvious y he lost. u gotta love the guy peope!

  4. YoMaMa’s smokin’ dat sheit, mang.

    Ain’t no luv for dis fool, mang. He runs his mother fucking mouth constant-f*cking-ly. It’s too bad he doesn’t get to step to Brock Lesnar, b/c that would f*cking make him sh*t his pants in the octagon. Randy Couture ain’t no “bum” either. Can’t wait to see Randy get this f*cker on his back and beat the sh*t out of him. Toney ain’t never felt a true MMA elbow to the face, his mouth covered with the other guys glove, knees to his stomach and spleen, knee to his chin, and all the submissions Randy will bring. Toney can only wish and pray he’ll tap out fast enough not get his mother f*cking arm broken. Get this piece of sh*t in a kimura and break this mother fucker up. Fuck that piece of sheit, mang. F*ck ‘im.


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