James Toney Looking To Choke Randy Couture Out

Boxing legend James Toney hasn’t signed the contract for his proposed bout with Randy Couture at UFC 118 in August yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from letting fans, and Couture himself know exactly how the fight is going to go down.

“Randy look at my eyes. You know there is no fear here. You come at me with that wrestling, dirty boxing, I promise you, I’m going to choke your ass out…”

While there’s no doubting Toney’s word that he isn’t scared of Couture, the idea that he’s going to submit the UFC hall-of-famer and multiple time light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion is as laughable as Randy knocking him out with a jab.

His chance in this fight is to connect with a meaningful blow to Couture’s chin which has undoubtedly weakened with age and numerous hard battles in the octagon down the years. There’s no chance of Toney beating him at his own game though.

10/10 for Toney for self-belief, but despite stating that he’s a fan of MMA comments like these make you wonder whether he realizes quite what he’s getting himself into here.


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