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James Toney Reacts To UFC 118 Loss Against Randy Couture

Boxer James Toney had plenty to say for himself prior to his fight with Randy Couture at UFC 118, but not so much afterwards.

Toney had been expected to attend the post-fight press conference after being submitted by the MMA veteran, but Dana White revealed that the boxer had become impatient waiting and had instead left the building.

So at this stage the only post-fight reaction we have from ‘Lights Out’ is immediately after the fight when he spoke with Joe Rogan in the octagon.

In fairness to the 42 year-old, as brash as he was before the fight, he stayed classy in defeat.

“I didn’t expect him to be so aggressive at first.  He just caught me, you now what I’m saying, he caught me.  He caught me stupid, I didn’t sprawl down. He got me on the ground and I couldn’t get [back up].  But I’ll be back, I ain’t no quitter.  I’m the heavyweight champion of the world still.”

“My ground game is alright, but you know what, I just fought a great fighter.  Randy Couture is a great fighter.  I prefer boxing but I will be back.”

If he does want to continue in the sport he’ll have to find somewhere else to do so though, with UFC President Dana White confirming that Toney will now be released from the promotion following the first round loss.

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