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James Toney Set To Continue Fighting In MMA Competion

Despite being handed an embarrassing first round loss to Randy Couture at UFC 118 it seems that boxer James Toney still wants to continue to try his luck on the MMA circuit.

“They might have won the battle, but the war ain’t over yet,” the boxer said in the locker-room after the fight according to his long-term trainer John Arthur, who Toney refers to as “Pops.”

What Toney didn’t know at that stage was that Dana White was busy telling reporters that Toney’s brief stay in the promotion was now at an end.

Arthur tells MMAJunkie that so far Toney hasn’t officially received his walking papers.

“If we don’t plan on fighting in the UFC, send me the release paper and we’ll take it to the next level. I know the UFC is the No. 1 in mixed martial arts, but if Dana voiced that we don’t fight for him anymore, send me the release papers. I don’t have any problem with that.”

The trainer doesn’t see Toney being released from the UFC as the end of the road as far as his MMA career goes though.

“He’s going to be a two-sport athlete. The reality is that he wants to do it, and he will do it again. I think the next time I match him up, I’ll make sure I’ll matchup at least 50-50 equal. The cards were stacked against him.”

So it looks as if Toney and his team are going to continue to milk as much money out of the sport as they can.  Once they do some digging however they may be put off by the fact that they are not going to get anything like the $500,000 payday they received from the UFC.

I certainly hope so, I’ve no interest in seeing him fight again in the cage.  For his own health he should seriously consider hanging up his boxing gloves as well.

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