Jan Finney Wins New Fans Despite Tough Loss

Jan Finney may have been handed a heavy beating in her title fight against Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos on Saturday night, but she still won over many fans due to her remarkable courage under fire.

Finney had been written off before the fight due to her mediocre 8-7 record, but she insisted in the build-up to the encounter that she wasn’t going to be intimidated, and she kept her word.

Despite her knees buckling on several occasions from heavy shots, Finney refused to quit and kept on slugging it out with the dominant champion before the referee finally called a halt to the contest late in the second round.

After the fight the 29 year-old’s Facebook account was flooded with well-wishers and new fans eager to congratulate her on her performance. amongst them was renowned coach Shawn Tompkins who was also impressed with what he had seen.

“Jan, just wanted to say that you did a great job. Your very tough and have a huge future in everything that you do…If you ever come to Vegas you have a training center to call home,” Tompkins wrote.

As for Finney herself, it appears the loss hasn’t broken her will to compete.

“I gave it all I had… I will be back… Congrats Cyborg!” she posted after the fight.

In the injury report released today Finney is reported to have suffered a suspected fractured orbital, but the fighter herself revealed that after a full hospital examination that’s proven not to be the case.

“Cyborg is a great Champ!!! I hit her with everything I had, and she just coming forward… She landed a great knee in the first to my sturum and I thought she had broke it (its just bruised) and she also caught me with a great punch in the first which I thought broke my eye socket. I was in the ER until 2 am last night and with all the xrays it came down to nothing broken. I again want to say congrats to the champ… she is AWESOME!”

So it would seem that Finney will be able to compete again sooner than was originally expected, and Strikeforce have wasted no time in ensuring that ‘Cuddles’ will be back in the cage.

“Just got the call … I will be fighting in StrikeForce again very soon. Maybe a couple of months? Just like I like it no time to rest… just train!”

If you require any further proof that Jan Finney is as tough as they come then the fact that a day after her fight she was already daydreaming off a rematch with Cyborg provides all the evidence you need.

“I have been thinking [about] last night so much…. WHAT IFs?… I went out there and gave it everything I had and I was stopped, but there is something in me saying I want to fight Cyborg again! This is no disrespect to Cyborg. she is the champ but something in my gut is just saying: sometimes the weak beat the strong, sometimes the slow beat the fast… I want to fight Cyborg again, she is the best, but I want another shot! I know I need to earn that shot and that is what I am going to do! Thanks again for all the support!”


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