Not an exciting fight here, but Jared Rosholt was able to use his superior wrestling to completely shut down Sao Palelei over the course of three rounds at UFC Fight Night 43 to earn a decision victory.

Round One:

Palelei looking to get the fight to the floor early and after failing at the first attempt he’s successful in taking Rosholt down with a leg sweep.

Rosholt back up again though and he methodically works to a takedown of his own.

Rosholt looking for a potentail arm triangle submission. Gives it up, but stays heavy on top. Palelei turtles on his knees and Rosholt’s peppering him with shots to the head.

Palelei up to one knee and trying to stand, but Rosholt forces him back down. 10 seconds to go and Palelei manages to shunt Rosholt off and get on top, landing strikes to end the round.

Round Two:

The two men on their feet looking to trade a few punches to start the second. Rosholt closing the distance and lands some hard uppercuts. Palelei drops to his knees apparently hurt and is just defending.

Rosholt landing a few punches and Palelei seems to have recovered and stands back up. Rosholt clinching him against the cage though.

Not much action here, but Rosholt lands a couple of hard knees. Very much a grinding approach from Rosholt as he looks to wear down his opponent who’s cardio has been questioned in the past.

Rosholt with a hook and an uppercut. Palelei sinks to his knees again. Rosholt riding his back and landing more short shots.

Palelei gets back to his feet and throws a very tired looking overhand that misses. Again Palelei throws a big, slow right hand which Rosholt seeks a mile off and avoids before clinching again against the cage.

Round Three:

Palelei looks exhausted heading into the final five minutes. Rosholt closes the distance early and gets the takedown.

Palelei is again on his knees as Rosholt lands more shots to the head from the position as he’s done repeatedly over the course of this fight.

Now he gets into side control and almost gets the crucifix. Palelei scrambles and is back to his knees again.

More punches from Rosholt and then back to side control. Then Palelei’s back to his knees! Rosholt stands over him for a moment and lands a hard knee to the body.

Palelei battling to stand against the cage, but Rosholt just pushes him onto his back again. Palelei’s got nothing left and Rosholt’s not in a hurry to put his foot on the accelerator to look for a finish.

Instead he plays it safe and just continues to grind down his opponent, ignoring the impatient shouts from the crowd.

Palelei back to his feet in the final 10 seconds, but is just clinched against the cage until the horn sounds.