After a very lackluster showing in his return to the UFC against Michael Bisping last year, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is well aware that when he steps into the Octagon with former TUF finalist CB Dollaway at UFC 146 in May that a loss could mean he’ll be released from the promotion, and he says he’s ok with that.

“We’re both in a similar spot in our career I guess,” ‘Mayhem’ says in a new interview with MMA Uncensored Live on Spike TV. “We’re both on the chopping block. That’s fine. I’m really happy with that.”

However, the way the veteran fighter sees it, if the axe is to fall then he’s the one who’ll swing it.

“I’m on my own chopping block. If I lose to him, I’m quitting! I don’t even deserve to be in there! There’s not an easy fight. In the UFC, there’s no easy fight. He doesn’t deserve to be in there with me, and I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it in under a round, because…I tend to get tired in the second round.”

Of course that last remark is typical of the type of humorous quip that Mayhem’s well known for, but the criticism he received for gassing badly in his fight with Bisping must still be weighing on his mind, and don’t think for a moment that it’s something he’s not focused on in the months since that bout.

“My cardio is good now. Don’t worry,” he informed fans earlier this week on Twitter.

It’ll be interesting to see if that is indeed the case. I suspect it’ll need to be as though Dollaway is coming off a two fight losing streak and is by no means a top contender in the middleweight division, he’s fighting for his future as well and is well rounded enough to ensure it won’t be an easy night for ‘Mayhem’.