It was recently suggested by Cesar Gracie that a long awaited fight between rivals Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and Nick Diaz could happen early next year.

The two fighters have been at loggerheads since their scuffle during the in-cage brawl following Strikeforce: Nashville earlier this year, but it’s been a struggle to get them to see eye-to-eye on exactly what weight the bout should be fought at.

Gracie, who manages diaz came up with a solution – to fight at exactly half way between their respective weight classes – 178lbs.  It seems like the best compromise, but apparently Mayhem is less than enamored with the plan.

“[Strikeforce] wants to do it in January. There’s no way. I was a goddamn skeleton [fighting at 170 when I was in the UFC], it was the dumbest thing I ever did.”

As far as Miller is concerned Diaz is manipulating the situation to try to gain a competitive advantage. 

“He’s fought so many times at 183, he always fights there, but then when it’s me, somebody he’s talked sh*t about for years…his manager says fight at 178.  “Ok cool, I’ll fight Alistair Overeem, he just has to make 190. That’s it. I’ll fight that motherf*cker this weekend at 190.”

For the record: Diaz actually fought at 179lbs (against Frank Shamrock) and 180lbs (against Scott Smith) in the past.