Former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver suffered a brutal KO loss last night against Tim Elliot last night at ‘Resurrection Fighting Alliance 1’, making it abundantly clear, if it wasn’t already, that for his own sake it’s time for him to hang up his gloves.

Pulver was dropped in the first round and looked tired coming out for the second. It was downhill from there and mid-way through the round he was forced back against the cage with a series of blows and in desperation swooped for a takedown just as Elliot threw a knee. He took it flush in the face and was instantly knocked out.

Pulver, who turned 37 earlier this month, has now lost eight of his last 11 bouts and has looked a shadow of his former self during that period. Submission defense has always been a big problem for him, but the fact that his chin has also now deteriorated means that continuing to fight on would be an excerise in futility.

Meanwhile, his opponent Elliot improves to 7-2-1.

Check out the full fight below.