Jerry Millen No Longer Working For M-1 Global

Today it was revealed that controversial figure Jerry Millen is no longer employed by M-1 Global.

Millen, who was working in the capacity of US Vice President for the company apparently left a month and a half a go according to MMAfighting who broke the story, though it’s unclear exactly why.

M-1 Global’s version of events is that this was an amicable separation, though Millen claims that he resigned.

Earlier this month Millen had posted a message on his twitter account that read, “I wish I could tell u what is going down. One day I will give u the full and uncensored info.”

It’s unlikely that many fans will shed a tear at Millen’s departure, and in fact some of his past acquaintances may be celebrating the news.

Consider Bas Rutten for instance who had the following to say a few  years ago about Millen during his time working with the PRIDE organization.

“He got his job by faking that he knew the MMA game, his friend, who knows MMA, would tell him through a microphone (he was wearing a headset) what he would have to say when watching a tape of MMA. That tape he send to the Pride people, they believed he could do it and they took him in.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, and there’s many others who would echo his sentiments.

There’s no doubt he’s made far more enemies than friends in this sport and personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ve now heard the last of this arrogant and utterly obnoxious character, but I’m not holding my breath

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