Jim Hettes Dominates Nam Phan In Showcase Performance At UFC 141

Jim Hettes marked himself out as one to watch this evening with a stellar display against Nam Phan in the opening bout of the main card at UFC 141.

What a great first round Hettes had. He looked confident from the opening bell and immediately went to work and secured two early takedowns, though Phan managed to work his way back to his feet.

He managed to get him down for a third time with slick throw and then really went to work with rapid-fire punches and elbows, many of which appeared to land cleanly and put this fight in real danger of being stopped.

Phan is tough and hung in there, but the rest of the round continued to be one-sided with Hettes all over him and in the closing stages working hard for an armbar attempt, though Phan defended well.

Onto round two and credit to Phan who still had fight left in him despite the first round beating he had just taken, but unfortunately for him there was more of the same in store.

Again the round was punctuated by a series of successful takedown attempts from Hettes and continued busy work on the ground, leaving Phan with no option but to just defend and survive as he was peppered by more accurate strikes.

In the final round Hettes unsurprisingly showed some signs of slowing down a little after the hard work put into the previous rounds, but he was still comfortable, still able to get takedowns when neccessary and Phan just couldn’t seem to find a way into the fight during the stand-up exchanges.

And so it was on to the judges scorecards and it was a landslide in Hettes favor, 30-25 x2 and 30-26.

Based on this performance and his perfect 10-0 record in MMA competition Hettes has marked himself out as a real emerging talent at 145lb heading into 2012.


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