Jim Miller Defeats Gleison Tibau By Decision at UFC Fight Night 22

On paper Gleison Tibau vs Jim Miller had all the makings of a closely contested lightweight battle and indeed that’s just how it turned out.

In the first round both men’s strategies were apparent, with Tibau looking to mix his stand-up with point-scoring takedowns, while Miller was happy to stay on his feet and outstrike his opponent.

Both men had success with their relative gameplans. Miller’s striking was on-point throughout the bout, particularly in the second when he appeared to have Tibau in trouble with a powerful straight left that had his opponent hitting reverse gear as he tried to recover.

Meanwhile Tibau was also successful in getting Miller to the floor several times during the bout, but crucially Miller was crafty enough to find ways to get back to his feet on each occasion without taking damage.

The fight followed a similar pattern for all three rounds and so it came down to the judges to decide whether Miller’s striking or Tibau’s takedowns would be the difference in the bout, and in the end it was Miller who rightly got the nod by unanimous decision.

Miller is now on a five fight winning streak, and after successfully navigating past a very tough opponent in Tibau he must surely be firmly in the title running at 155lbs.


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